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Why Am I So Tired? How to Fight Fatigue

Posted by Tina Jones, N.P. on May 1, 2015 11:06:00 AM

Fatigue is one of the primary complaints leading women to seek solutions to restore their quality of life. The intensity, severity and scope of low energy levels vary from case to case; but based on a recent study, approximately 50 -75% menopausal females report moderate discomfort in performing their day-to-day activities because of low motivation and poor energy levels.

What are some remedies that may help?

Lifestyle modifications:chronic-fatigue

  • Identify and avoid triggers: Some of the triggering factors which induces fatigue condition in menopausal women includes, lack of sleep due to hot flashes, emotional stresses (such as stress related to relationship or work load can induce psychological stress leading to worsening energy).
  • Maintain healthy sleeping habits: Since improper sleep pattern is one of the most important reasons for initiating menopausal fatigue; it is highly recommended to take active measures to incorporate healthy sleeping habits.
  • Incorporate daily exercise or physical activity: It is ideally recommended to incorporate healthy exercises to your daily regimen. Start slowly (low intensity exercises for 10 minutes) and gradually increase the pace to up to 30 minutes each day. Low impact exercises (such as cycling or brisk walk) helps in relaxing the fatigued muscles and improving tissue oxygenation for healthy metabolic functioning.

How to renew your energy 

Based on statistics, it is clear that menopausal drops in energy is not a myth. It is highly recommended to identify and adopt healthy strategies to address these symptoms to maintain normal quality of life.

This is mainly because:

  • Poorly managed energy levels exacerbate the risk of physical as well as psychological issues. For example, according to a new study, menopausal fatigue is strongly related to more intense hot flashes.
  • It is often the first symptom of grave psychological issues like menopausal mood disorders or depression.
  • Long standing and unprovoked fatigue affects the productivity at all levels (personal, professional, social and inter-personal activities; thereby aggravating the risk of other conditions).

However, in some cases, above mentioned interventions are not sufficient to produce adequate results. In such cases, BHRT should be considered.

What about Natural Hormone Therapy? 

Traditional HRT received a lot of backlash after the results of the large-scale study - the Women's Health Initiative (conducted in 2002) was made available to the general public. Investigators identified that conventional HRT is very strongly associated with a high risk of breast malignancy, heart diseases and stroke.

Fortunately, investigators were able to identify the core issues with HRT and developed a solution. BHRT (also referred to as Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) is the safer and more organic alternative to the traditional hormonal replacement therapies (HRT). According to a new study reported in the Social Science & Medicine journal (1), investigators explained that BHRT can be used as a preventive natural solution to alleviate aging related issues (such as cognitive decline, brain-fogging, menopausal fatigue, low stamina, osteoporosis and metabolic changes).

The key benefits of BHRT 

  • The chemical and molecular properties of BHRT are exactly the same as that of endogenously produced hormones; thereby minimal risk of abnormal or unusual body responses.
  • The BHRT formulations are natural and customized to individual needs and biochemical requirements.
  • The risk of adverse effects are generally low as your body treats the hormone as ‘self’ and not foreign (like conventional HRT molecules).
  • Most conventional hormonal regimens offer little options for customized regimens. Obviously this is not the case with BHRT.
  • The risk of allergies or idiosyncratic responses (unusual or abnormal reaction to a foreign drug) is higher with HRT and minimal with BHRT; as suggested by a study reported in the The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (3).

A study reported in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding (2), suggested that compounded formulation of bioidentical hormones obtained via sub-lingual route was effective in alleviating the symptoms of menopausal fatigue, mood disorders, vasomotor disorders (night sweats, hot flashes) and depression in 200 women over a period of 7-years.

In order to improve your quality of life, it is highly recommended to learn more about the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

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1. Fishman, J. R., Flatt, M. A., & Settersten, R. A. (2015). Bioidentical hormones, menopausal women, and the lure of the “natural” in US anti-aging medicine. Social Science & Medicine, 132, 79-87.

2. Ruiz, A. D., & Daniels, K. R. (2013). The effectiveness of sublingual and topical compounded bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women: an observational cohort study. International journal of pharmaceutical compounding, 18(1), 70-77.

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