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What Happens to Testosterone Levels with Age?

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Testosterone plays many roles in the body, from ensuring optimal male reproductive health to promoting muscle mass and bone density in men. When testosterone levels decrease with age, this can cause a wide array of health issues and discomforts. Understanding how age affects these hormone levels can help men get the help that they require before their levels get too low, impacting everything from their sex life to their overall physique.

How Does Age Affect Testosterone Levels?

Around age 19, testosterone levels peak, but after 30 years old, these levels start to decline. On average, your levels of this hormone decrease by about one percent per year. This is a normal part of the aging process, but the loss of this hormone can cause a variety of issues.

What Are the Treatments for Low Testosterone?

Traditional treatments typically involve injecting a synthetic hormone into the body, or using topical or surgically-implanted administration routes. This therapy carries significant risks and can lead to sleep apnea, infertility, an enlarged prostate, overproduction of red blood cells, uncomfortable skin reactions and fluid retention. In fact, a lot of new research actually cautions against using synthetic therapy to restore this hormone.

Using a natural solution where the testosterone used to balance the levels of this hormone is a safer, more effective option. The most effective is bio-identical hormone therapy. This method does not use synthetic hormones, but instead uses a plant-derived substance that is nearly identical to the testosterone that the body produces naturally. This means that you never have to worry about potentially dangerous side effects. It is also more effective because the body sees it as it sees the testosterone it is already producing.

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