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How Does Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Relieve the Symptoms of Menopause?

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When you enter menopause, you are at risk for a wide array of discomforts. These symptoms are the result of your ovaries no longer producing progesterone, testosterone and estrogen. To alleviate your symptoms, you have to replace these hormones at the right dose. This is where bio-identical hormone therapy comes in. Understanding how it works will help you to make the right choice to treat your menopause symptoms.

Exploring How Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Works

Bio-identical hormone therapy introduces the right balance of female hormones into your body to alleviate menopausal symptoms. Unlike other options, the hormones used with bio-identical therapy are completely natural and significantly safer. They are also more effective in alleviating the symptoms of menopause.

The increased safety and efficacy stems from the fact that the hormones used with bio-identical therapy are identical to the hormones that your body naturally produces. Your body cannot tell the difference and this means that it is less likely to reject the therapy or experience side effects. The hormones with this therapy are derived from plants and doctors do saliva testing to ensure that you are getting the right hormonal balance.

Receiving Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

The staff at Renew Health and Wellness in St. Louis, Missouri and Richmond, Virginia offers this bio-identical hormone replacement for menopause. With the popularity of this treatment increasing, many health insurance companies are opting to cover it as an alternative to medical hormone replacement therapy. You will sit down with a medical provider at our locations to discuss this therapy and have some testing done to ensure that you are getting the exact dose that your body needs. This is unique to BHRT and another reason that it is superior to alternative forms of menopausal treatment.

To learn more about your hormones and specifically how women can naturally balance their menopausal hormones, download this free eBook —> The Essential Guide to Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: 23 Answers to Common Questions about Hormone Therapy

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