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Feeling Grumpy? Here's How You Can Conquer Mood Swings

Posted by Tina Jones, N.P. on Mar 18, 2015 3:31:00 PM

Mood swing are clinically defined as "extreme and unexplained fluctuations in the mood that interferes with the physical, social and professional aspects of a person’s life". In other words, individuals who are experiencing these symptoms tend to overreact or respond irrationally to a given stimuli.

Mood swings are very common in menopause; mainly because reproductive hormones like estrogen are known to influence mood and emotional behavior with the help of neurotransmitters and chemical regulation. However, once estrogen secretion decreases significantly (such as in menopausal women), the chemical imbalance causes changes in mood that may range from occasional outbursts of anger and irritability to extreme sadness and depression.

How to manage mood swings due to menopause?

Mood swings are somewhat normal in menopause (although not very pleasant to the people around you). Experts believe that management of mood swings should be started with the least invasive of interventions. However, a new study by Roisin Worsleya and colleagues suggests that mood swings should be investigated properly, as trivial changes in mood can be sign of underlying menopausal depression.

Findings also suggest that women who have a prior history of depression (or other psychological issues) should be monitored for danger signs since perimenopausal depression is hard to diagnose and even harder to manage (with very high failure rates).

When to opt for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Healthcare providers advise lifestyle modification and nutritional changes to reduce the intensity of mood swings. However, if you are experiencing other disturbing symptoms or if your mood swings are refractory to non-hormonal remedies; you should consider BHRT (or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy).

A study reported in the peer reviewed Journal of Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy suggested that menopause is marked by a multitude of somatic (physical) as well as neurological symptoms. However, it is imperative to keep in mind that the hormonal metabolism and symptomatology vary from person to person depending on the difference in genetic properties. Therefore bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the more appropriate solution when compared to conventional hormonal regimens that are more frequently associated with adverse effects and undesired symptoms (such as high risk of cardiovascular ailments, deep venous thrombosis and malignancy).

You should also consider BHRT (bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy) because:

  1. Serum levels and the biochemical balance of different hormones is altered as women approach menopause -- contrary to the popular perception of just estrogen decline.
  2. The intensity and response of several other hormones that are altered as part of normal aging process is hard to predict. Consequently, it becomes necessary to prescribe hormonal regimens based on serial serum assessment of different hormones.
  3. Formulations of bioidentical hormones are custom-prepared to fulfill the individual hormonal requirements unlike conventional HRT (hormone replacement regimens).
  4. Depending upon the risk factors and indications for the BHRT, physicians and pharmacies can adjust the dose and mode of formulation.

A new study using BHRT conducted over a 6 month period reported improvement in common menopausal symptoms such as mood swings by 25%, irritability by 25%, and anxiety by 22% without any adverse effects. Women also reported improvement in hot flashes, night sweats and sleep disturbances.

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