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13 Tips for Healthy Hair: How to Regain Body, Wave and Shine

Posted by Tina Jones, N.P. on Apr 20, 2015 10:05:00 AM

Like other cells in the body, skin and hair follicles require adequate levels of hormones to remain healthy. Testosterone and thyroid deficiency (or thyroid excess) can cause hair to become finer, losing body, wave and shine. Hair becomes dry and brittle, breaking easily. With bioidentical hormone therapy, the skin and scalp become healthier within days to weeks and new hair growth is noticeable within a month.

63% of patients with ‘thinning’ hair report hair re-growth on testosterone pellet therapy.

  1. HORMONE BALANCE (testosterone, thyroid). Hormonal imbalance is a common cause of hair thinning and loss. Take our 3-minute hormone health test to check your levels. 
  2. STOP drinking soda, diet soda and all artificial sweeteners.
  3. Avoid chemicals (Chlorine, permanents, color) and harsh shampoo (which strip the oil).
  4. Check ‘side effects’ of medications for hair loss
  5. Diet: whole foods (fat and protein) eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables a. Avoid ‘processed’ carbohydrates, sugars and processed protein drinks
  6. Insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes cause hair loss in men and women.
  7. Supplements (Many nutrients are found in egg yolks, nuts and other whole food) a. Iron (45 mg slow release), if iron deficient. (Optimal iron & ferritin > 80 ug) i. Iron may be better absorbed if taken with Vitamin C. Iodine, if iodine deficient. Minimal data to support the following supplements i. Biotin 5-8 mg per day, Zinc, L-lysine ii. Essential fatty acids (Nordic Natural Fish Oil Capsules, Flax seed)
  8. ‘Excessive intakes of nutritional supplements may actually cause hair loss and are not recommended in the absence of a proven deficiency’ (Rushton 02).
  9. Topical Minoxidil (Rogaine) OTC
  10. Exercise
  11. Stress reduction (STRESS, including surgery/anesthesia, is a cause of hair loss)
  12. Water softener (hard water strips oils from hair making it dry and brittle)
  13. Avoid dry heat. Use a humidifier in the winter

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